E-Commerce & Online Stores
Are you ready to sell your products online?

P Squared Productions can build you an affordable E-commerce online store that will allow you to sell your products worldwide.

P Squared Productions provides you with a powerful and versatile shopping cart system loaded with all of the essential features you need to make your online venture a success!

    Take a look at what you get:
    Sell up to 10,000 products Customized Design
    Feature Options such as color, size, etc. Accept credit cards in a secure environment
    Real time UPS, FEDEX, USPS shipping interface Supports international shipping
    Secure Admin access Email order notification
    Offline credit card processing Real time credit card gateways and Paypal interface
    Set up tax Ship by price, quantity, weight
    Taxable and non-taxable products  
    Samples of our stores:

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